A certain kind of masochism
M.K. Baijukya
May 1st 2022
Which was worse, racism or sexism?
Merly Åsbogård
May 1st 2022
When no one knows that you are there
Íris Ellenberger
May 1st 2022
The woman behind GeoSilica: Fida Abu Libdeh
Elinóra Guðmundsdóttir
July 7th, 2021
Black Women in entertainment
March 16th 2021
Maya Angelou
Steinunn Ýr Einarsdóttir
March 12th 2021
Rape Culture and The Social Pecking Order
Steinunn Radha
13th of august 2020
How Does One Become Vulnerable? The Multiple Vulnerabilities and Types of Abuse Women of Multi-Ethnic Origins Experience in Iceland
Nichole Leigh Mosty
13th of august 2020
White feminism: Wall of dominance
Sara Mansour
13th of August 2020
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