Unemployment Insurance System That Harms Female Students
Jóna Þórey Pétursdóttir
2. February 2021
Foreign students: So What Do We Want?
Ármann Garðar Teitsson, Derek T. Allen og Jonathan Wood
2. February 2021
COVID-19:If There Are No Reactions During the Greatest Urgency, When Will There Be?
Isabel Alejandra Díaz
Justice for the North: Disparities Between Non-Capital and Capital Region Universities
Jonathan Wood og Nökkvi A.R. Jónsson
2. February 2021
The Icelandic Student Loan Fund – for Everyone, Also Those Who Worke
Tinna Eik Rakelardóttir
2. February 2021
Why It’s Important To Promote Queer Education In All Spaces
Valgerður Valur Hirst Baldurs
2. February 2021
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