Gender Roles
Keepers of the Qulleq – Keepers of light and warmth
Maya Sialuk
May 1st 2022
Decolonizing gender – Myths, beliefs, and acceptance of fluidity among Inuits
May 1st 2022
Be yourself, be a man – How to be a man in the Faroe Islands
Erling Kjærbo
May 1st 2022
Equality and innovation – Just consulting
Sóley Tómasdóttir
July 7th, 2021
Role models in the turbulent sea of life
Elísabet Brynjarsdóttir
March 12th 2021
Role Models: The Power of Vulnerability
Eva Huld
March 12th 2021
Young Professional Women: If she can do it, so can I
Björgheiður Margrét Helgadóttir
March 12th 2021
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