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A thought piece on our society from a feministic perspective.

Keepers of the Qulleq – Keepers of light and warmth
Maya Sialuk
May 1st 2022
A view from Norway: Feminism is history’s most successful revolution
Marta Breen
May 1st 2022
Hate speech and discrimination are a threat to democracy
Alviina Alametsa
May 1st 2022
“The new constitution has the ability to really improve Icelandic society.”
Steinunn Ólína Hafliðadóttir
14th of October 2020
COVID-19: The Virus and Social Status
Steinunn Radha
14th of October 2020
Veganism: Backfire Effect
Aldís Amah Hamilton
13th of august 2020
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