Advertisement Policy

The advertisement policy of Vía is simple: we work with companies and organizations where women and non-binary people are in managing positions and have an opportunity to profit from the operations in some way. Exceptions include companies and organizations that have an exemplary environmental or equality policy. We want to assist our readers when it comes to being better and more conscious consumers by working with companies and organizations that celebrate multiculturalism, equality, accessibility, and diversity. We will happily receive comments from our readers if they let us know that a company that we are working with does not fulfil these requirements.

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Advertisement packs

A Banner on front page

728 x 210 px [see proportions on image below]
— 4 weeks  ♦︎  80.000 ISK

BSupport a whole volume

310 x 400 px [see proportions on image below]

Two places in 10 articles 
— 4 weeks  ♦︎  80.000 ISK 

Two places in 20 articles 
— 4 weeks  ♦︎  120.000 ISK

C Block inside articles

Block in two places inside all articles in the volume
+ logo on the front page of the volume
+ logo in footer
— 4 weeks  ♦︎  130.000 ISK

D Logo on front page footer

— 1 year  ♦︎  150.000 ISK

ESponsored coverage on website about company/organisation/product

Interview and photographs about company/organisation/product 
— Indefinite  ♦︎  130.000 ISK

+ sponsored coverage on social media 
— Indefinite  ♦︎  15.000 ISK

FAdvertisement in our newsletter

— Indefinite  ♦︎  10.000 ISK

— Indefinite  ♦︎  40.000 ISK

Be Vía’s MAINsponsor!

Advertisement packages A + B + D + E + F + a link for sponsored coverage in our newsletter 
Attention! Only three spots available
— 1 year  ♦︎  900.000 ISK

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