#Sápmitoo – Raise your boys right
May 1st 2022

Instead of raising your hand

We’re just falling behind trying to race colonial time, colonial minds are getting in our heads

because we let them

so don’t act surprised when they end up in our dreams at night in our beds and our night mares becomes reality so

Raise your boys right

Inform them of love and consensuality because the reality is

that it’s never the length of the skirt

It doesn’t need to physically hurt

It almost never goes to court

The reality is

that it’s almost never spoken of

but you know their names

So how is it that we do not call out these predators in the same ways as when talking about the wolf

The lynx

The eagle

I am sick and tired of hearing angrily eager discussions about how to protect the herd

But not her

Not them

Never the women and non-men although I Know You heard me

But you are taking it personally

Only ever observing in silence or fight

But it needs to start with you

This needs to start with you

Dealing with it

Healing from it

It will get better as long as you don’t go bitter as long as you don’t just sit there

As long as you start sharing your caring for your community

you will be raising your boys right.

— — —

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